Connectivity from TMS

TMS offers Channel Partners a range of wholesale Broadband services to help meet your customers’ internet access needs.

Reliable, fast internet connections are critical to every organisation these days and can be even more critical than the phone line to the success of a business. However, it’s not always simple and it seems the number of technologies and service options increases almost every month. FTTC, FTTP, ADSL2, ADSL2+, LLU, Annex M, bonded, VDSL, EFM, Leased line, uncontended, voice-assured, engineered etc etc...!

It can be a minefield for all concerned. So Let us help you unravel the complexity and choose the right connectivity for your customers every time.

Whether you’re customer is a single business user or a multi-user organisation, TMS can help you provide the most suitable and cost effective solution. We have a range of internet access solutions that will meet your customer requirements and these can be ‘wires only ‘ or fully managed .We can explain all the options so you’re able to select the best service from those available at any location.

TMS offers high speed broadband and faster ‘beyond broadband’ dedicated connections with low or zero contention ratios, meaning you will always receive a high quality of service and great value. We also offer these services over a huge UK footprint . If an area has broadband then we can supply it.

Our Portals for ordering and fault management are all self-service and can be white-labelled so your customers feels that they are dealing with you and not TMS.

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