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How to make more money with Hosted Voice - Now!

Hosted on Tuesday 16th February 2016 10am-11am (GMT)
What Will You Learn?


In this webinar, we provide useful insights on how Hosted Voice can impact your business, provide a solution for your clients, and importantly unlock the financial return immediately through new financing solutions.
  • Saves you money, provides you greater revenue and a complete simple solution for your clients
  • Provide insight into new financing models that give revenue now!
  • The Key Features provided by an end to end
  • How the new end to end solutions give you greater access and deploy ability
  • Helps you choose the right long term partner
  • Gives you the right information to switch or deploy the new age Hosted Voice Solutions
Who Should Watch?
If you currently provide Hosted Voice solutions, have been / are thinking of offering these services to your clients or want to know more about how the model for Hosted Voice is changing then this webinar is for you.



This webinar is free to attend but spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment - simply click on the Register button above.


About TMS


TMS was founded over 14 years ago by Suzanne & David Chappell and the company, to this day, remains independently owned.


TMS combines managed billing solutions, converged voice and data products, with flexible on-line interfaces to offer the best independent channel support service in the UK telecoms industry.


We call it ‘Enabling the Channel to Focus’.


Our uniquely flexible billing platform is built and maintained in-house by our team of IT specialists. We produce billing for a wide variety of clients’ different billing requirements and our platform can be tailored to meet very specific customer needs. The TMS platform can be programmed to invoice any product you require it to do and we can load data from any supplier or source.


In particular, our WLR3 platform is recognised as market-leading and is supported by some of the most experienced back-office staff in the industry.