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  • 6 key features essential to a successful hosted voice service


  • Insight UK

    Insight UK

    Cloud Trends 2016 – an infographic by the team at Insight UK

  • First TMS Newsletter of 2015

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  • We're extending our free installation for FTTC Broadband incentive

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  • TMS Launches Hosted Voice Solution to the Channel

    TMS Launches Hosted Voice Solution to the Channel

    We are taking away ALL the final barriers to selling hosted at last... Including the opportunity for YOUR salespeople to earn their commission up-front and at a rate that is better than a traditional PBX sale.

    Our mission is to facilitate the procurement, provisioning and billing of Data and Telecoms services allowing our technology partners to focus on what they do best – Providing first class products & services to their clients.

  • Fraud Alert

    Fraud Alert for Telecoms Companies

We would like to bring your attention to an active fraud involving Telecoms companies throughout the UK, with the latest attempt on Tuesday afternoon. 

Some of you may have heard of the fraudster 'Josif' before, a man who calls in looking to purchase Virtual Telephone numbers (mainly 0203) and wants to divert them to mobile. 'Josif' is still active and also tries to buy hosted telephony arranging the use of soft phones. He may also inquire about diverting these to Paris or similar. The line will then see a huge spike in traffic, typically on a Friday night ahead of the weekend when nobody is around to notice.
We suggest you keep your teams informed.

    Some of the aliases 'Josif' has been known to use are:


  • Broadband Switching

    New Broadband Switching Process

    Ofcom is making changes to the process for switching broadband providers. These changes will come into effect on 20th June 2015.

    Summary of the changes:


  • TM Solutions’ participation in the Openreach Complaints Trial 2015

    TMS has been participating in this trial since April 2015.

    The following information is in advance of the industry wide communications which is currently with the Openreach communications team ready for imminent publication on the Openreach Portal.

    Openreach rolled out the use of the new Portal screens by which CPs raise complaints (not DSO) cases in April. The trial concluded successfully and was transitioned to the next stage. Feedback from CPs in the trial was that the screens were easy to use and while the volumes were low it showed the screens were usable and that the teams could manage the cases using Single Interface (SI) in Openreach.

    To download full details, simply click here

  • FCS - UK Standard CDR Version 3.0

    TMS is pleased to announce that the UK Standard CDR, developed by the FCS Billing Group, has been updated to version 3.0. The group decided that the Standard should be reviewed to accommodate the imminent NGCS changes and to offer greater flexibility for hosted telephony and this version reflects those changes.

    TMS will be adhering to the UK standard CDR Version 3.0 as of 1 July 2015. It will co-exist with version 2.0 for a period of 12 months.

    The previous UK standard CDR version 2.0 will be withdrawn on 30 June 2016, thereafter only version 3.0 will be considered as the standard. All new CPs wishing to generate wholesale CDR/SDR files after 1 July 2015 should only adopt version 3.0 of the standard.

    See attached a copy of the standard for your information. This will also be available shortly on the FCS website. To download, simply click here

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